As companies navigate through their own organizational challenges, TMR is there to assist with the IT and telecom changes.

Technology and the methods employees and companies use to take advantage of it are always evolving, and understanding those changes can become an arduous task!

In just the last 15 years we’ve seen significant changes including:

The rollout of 5G technology has been one of the most significant changes in the last 15 years. 5G networks offer faster speeds, lower latency, and the ability to connect more devices simultaneously than previous generations of wireless technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has become increasingly popular in recent years. VoIP allows voice calls to be made over the internet, rather than over traditional telephone lines. This has led to a decline in the use of landline telephones.

The rise of cloud based telecommunications has had a significant impact in the IT space. Cloud-based services offer greater flexibility and scalability and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. With more reach than ever before, there are also more data and end points to manage.

The IoT is the interconnectivity of everyday devices over the internet. This has led to the development of smart homes, smart cities, and other connected ecosystems.

By using software vs. hardware to control connectivity, management and services between data centers, remote offices and cloud resources, SD-WAN was born! Like its technology brother, software-defined networking (SDN), SD-WAN is a powerful tool designed to improve efficiency across an organizations network.

Unified communications (UC) technology integrates different communication methods, such as voice, video, and messaging, into a single platform.

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