TMR takes our client’s data very seriously. Often companies don’t relate security to telecom, but ALL breaches originate through some method of communication. Whether that be a crack in the firewall, a remote endpoint (WFH), or a successful phishing attempt, all organizations are susceptible to a security breach.

TMR will help companies ensure they have safeguards in place to properly protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of all data. Telecom security includes a wide range of practices, technologies, and policies that aim to prevent unauthorized access, attacks, or disruptions to systems, services, and information.

Some examples of telecom security measures include encryption to protect the privacy of voice and data transmissions, firewalls to control access to network resources, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) to detect and prevent attacks, and network segmentation to isolate sensitive data and systems from the public internet.

Telecom security is important because telecommunications networks and services are critical infrastructure that enable communication and commerce in today’s interconnected world. A security breach can have serious consequences; TMR works hard to prevent them. Overall, telecom security is a complex and evolving field that requires constant attention and investment to keep up with the changing threat landscape. TMR and our clients work together to develop and implement effective security strategies that balance the need for convenience and accessibility with the need for privacy and security.

"TMR helped us design and implement the perfect hybrid solution! We were able to partition our corporate data/cloud from the public, all while keeping it secure, easy to access from any network connected device, and the cost was more than palatable. We are EXTREMELY pleased with our company outlook and see great potential ahead with this solution TMR has put in place for us."

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