TMR’s Service Assurance team provides helpdesk functionality as the central point of contact between clients, employees or users and their vendors. The primary goal of TMR’s team is to provide white glove support and assistance to customers who have service outages or interruptions related to the organization’s products or services.

Key functions of the helpdesk include:

  1. Incident management: The team is responsible for managing incidents, which are defined as any event that disrupts normal service operations. The team’s job is to respond quickly to incidents, perform triage and work with the vendors and users to address and remediate.
  2. Problem management: The team is responsible for identifying and resolving underlying problems that cause incidents. This involves analyzing incident data to identify recurring issues and finding solutions to prevent them from happening again.
  3. Change management: As time goes on, companies need to evolve with the changes that occur in telecommunications. TMR provides assistance and guidance to help navigate the complex landscape in that arena. Network upgrades and changes can require several steps in order to complete successfully. TMR is there to ensure a smooth transition.  

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