Corporate mobile devices carry more information, capabilities, and risk than ever before. Having to account for MDM, 5G, Cloud access and 2FA, how does an organization keep track of it all? TMR can and will provide the team to support all the above, and so much more! Our job is to ensure corporate mobile users can conduct business all over the world from the palm of their hand. In addition to devices and services, our expense analysts ensure plans and devices are properly utilized and regularly optimize account spend.

The three pillars to mobility management are: 

  • Procurement & Provisioning
    • Establishing and adhering to company guidelines for purchasing of devices
    • Working directly with end users to ensure new/upgraded devices are configured properly
    • Validation of functional voice, data, messaging, and other applications.
    • MDM 
  • Break/fix (Helpdesk)
    • Receiving tickets directly 
    • Conducting triage with end users 
    • Taking appropriate action to repair or replace hardware
  • Expense Management
    • Setting up best practices for a business 
    • Evaluating plans to minimize cost and maximize utilization
    • Address anomalies 
    • Vendor dispute and resolution

The proliferation of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) users entering the corporate sector has introduced a new set of challenges to navigate. Security and compliance are atop that list, and TMR has the knowledge and expertise to address those items. TMR can also assist with individual payments of stipends to BYOD users to help both the business and end users avoid unnecessary tax liability.

TMR’s core focus is our clients. Our motivation is to make sure an organization is spending (and utilizing services) wisely. This isn’t the priority of mobile suppliers. TMR’s wireless department becomes an extension of your organization and an asset to your IT support staff. TMR will work with providers to ensure the services being proposed and utilized by your vendors match the needs of your organization.

The mobile device has surpassed the laptop as the employee’s “device of choice” to conduct business today. Sent from my iPhone/Smartphone/etc. has become the de-facto signature line for employees at every level of an organization. These devices are vital to daily life, and when they break, malfunction, or need to be replaced, that process has become a daunting task for even the average user. TMR’s support specialists conduct ongoing training to ensure they are skilled with the latest OS versions, device staging procedures, and application updates to ensure a smooth transition for corporate mobile users. Our team can assist with mobile service and data transfers, MDM deployment, 2FA validation, and many other key components to mobile devices.

Devices: Carriers offer “Free” iPhones and Android devices on every billboard, commercial, and advertising spot they can find…TMR reads the fine print! With devices now selling for $1,000+ and new promotions every quarter, it can become increasingly difficult to manage all those moving parts. Device optimization can include establishing best practices for not only acquisition but also device settings, mobile applications, analytics of data usage, and implementation of security measures based on those best practices. The goal is to ensure that mobile devices and services are being used in the most effective and secure way possible to support business operations and meet the needs of employees.

Plans: All carriers advertise Unlimited service, but most companies aren’t aware there is still a limit to high-speed data. While unlimited plans seems simple it’s often not the most cost effective plan for a business. Our dedicated analysts will proactively monitor accounts and usage patterns to make actionable recommendations to help contain costs. In addition, TMR also works with vendors to implement tools and processes to monitor usage and control costs including threshold alerts, blocks and restrictions, or limitations to prevent excessive use and abuse. The goal is to ensure that the company is getting the best value for its investment in mobile services while meeting the needs of its employees.

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