TMR has dedicated division capable of tracking and reporting all expenses associated with an organization’s telecommunications services. This includes voice, data, wireless, and any other communication related services.

The goal is to provide visibility into an organization’s overall telecom spend.

TMR reporting includes a dashboard for executives and management as well as in depth detail to identify areas of overspending or inefficiencies to help reduce costs.

The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Gathering data: The first step is to gather data on all of the organization’s telecom expenses. This may include bills from various telecom providers, contracts, service agreements, and other related documents.
  2. Customize: Once the data is gathered, TMR works with organizations to create a customized reporting format. Reports can include a breakdown by vendor, service, location/department, internal cost center(s), etc.
  3. Communicate: Finally, the results are reported to relevant stakeholders such as executives, finance teams, or IT departments. These reports can include information on telecom spend by category, trends over time, cost savings achieved, and recommendations for future cost reductions.

Overall, TMR provides organizations with visibility to take control over their telecom spend, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and optimize telecom services.

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