Bill Pay as a Service is a solution where TMR will pay telecommunication invoices on behalf of a business. By having TMR pay all telecom invoices this ensures invoices are paid on time.

Businesses cannot afford to have production service interrupted for any reason, least of all an accounting function.

Services will never be interrupted for non-payment and an organization will never pay late fees.

As part of the BPaaS service, TMR will audit all invoices monthly, determine any variances and open disputes directly with the supplier in question. TMR will provide a consolidated invoice, customized, comprehensive Managed Billing report to help streamline the overall process.

The goal of BPaaS is for companies to gain better control of the telecom expenses and multiple suppliers. Replace the multiple people/departments that are currently tasked with paying an invoice. From invoice retrieval to approval to payment to coding & tracking, TMR is the single point of contact for all aspects of telecom billing.

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