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Let's start with these 5 questions

  1. Do you have a comprehensive telecom inventory to provide a baseline or foundation for budgeting new projects?
  2. Do you know exactly where you stand with all your telecom contracts and their commitments?
  3. Have you identified your vision, technology strategy, and ongoing objectives for your corporate telecom?
  4. Are you interested in an unbiased, carrier agnostic audit by top telecom experts?
  5. Would you benefit from actionable savings, recovery recommendations, and proposed efficiency initiatives for the long term sustainability of your IT infrastructure?

Mission Statement

We act as an extension of our customers to deliver world-class telecommunication, data, and support services. We value our business relationships and approach every project with creativity and professionalism. Our primary goal is to provide you with superior technology and service so your business runs efficiently. Let us take on the responsibility, and you will see the results!

At TMR we build custom solutions for the following industries

Financial Services
Logistics & Transportation


Information Technologies
Business Services


Help Desk

At TMR, we know the value of customer service, and that’s why we have a dedicated team of experts ‘at the ready’ to assist with all of your telecommunications needs and potential issues as they arise. Our team acts as an extension of your corporate help desk to provide a valuable support resource for your employees, sites, and connected devices. Our help desk staff is unrivaled in the industry with first-class, white glove service and support for all issues that come through the desk!

Audit Services

With over 100+ years of collective telecom industry knowledge and experience, look no further than the TMR audit and analysis team for your evaluation needs. With strong vendor relationships and our proven SAVE process, we have recovered and saved clients over $50,000,000 in the last 15 years. Our in-depth telecom analysis will provide your IT group and C-level executives with the knowledge and expertise they need to make informed decisions regarding the telecom & IT infrastructure of the company.


Mobility Management

We’ve dedicated an entire division of our company to the “mobile device.” What began as a single client, 150 devices “project” has become a staple of our organization. Mobility Management has taken on a life of its own quite literally! In today’s workforce, the mobile device is now the preferred business AND personal communication device for all employees. With that comes more cost, more risk, and more need for management of those devices. TMR has a proven approach to this little ‘problem’ with our three-prong mobility management division:

-Helpdesk Services

-Carrier Relations & Single Point of Contact

-Expense Management & Reporting

At TMR, we support THOUSANDS of devices across the world and provide invaluable IT resources for companies deploying corporate mobile devices to their workforce. With TMR, companies can offload the burden of mobile device support to a team of true professionals!



A major shortfall for many companies is visibility into their expenses. TMR provides in-depth, detailed monthly reports and expense reports for all types of telecom services and network operations. TMR has the ability to create, distribute, and present these findings to all levels of management so they have the visibility they need into their IT spending, usage, and department budgets. This comes in handy when those come due at year end!


TMR takes a carrier agnostic approach to all projects so that we can design the perfect solution for any IT need(s). Having a strong working relationship with telecom vendors allows TMR to provide a level of ease to procurement that is unmatched in this industry. From initial email to installation, TMR is with you each step of the way!


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Database Management

TMR has specialized in compiling the audit results in a secure, easy to manage and decipher database for companies to have a complete layout of their network topology. So often companies are unaware of where their dollars are going each month, only that services are ‘working’ and revenue is generating, but at what expense? With a clean and accurate database, those dollars start to make sense! TMR can help create, maintain, and manage telecom & device inventory any size operation, and provide secure access to that data in real time.


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Unified Communications

TMR will manage all of the communication obstacles and confusion for our enterprise level customers. We successfully and cohesively implement fully integrated IP based voice and data networks. We will also provide a full integration to our customer’s internet, voice, data, VOIP, SIP, mobility, and conferencing services—while providing full support to our customers including staff augmentation, help desk, service assurance, and billing & expense management.

TMR Case Studies

Telecom Management Resources provides a full range of telecommunications services to our customers. Please review the case studies on our website to get an idea of what we can do for you. By setting up a personalized meeting with the telecom experts at TMR, we can determine how our services can best benefit your business.

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