The telecom landscape has changed drastically over the last 20 years. Constant advances in technology and connectivity have created a need to continuously evaluate an organization’s network topology. On average, the typical enterprise level organization is 2 – 3 years behind current hardware, software, and technology in their network operations.

As the telecom evolution continues and companies expand their operations, solutions need to be in place to sustain both. Just a few years ago, the pandemic changed the landscape of how companies operate and many were unprepared for the proliferation of additional endpoints, remote workers, and outside access to the company network(s) and application(s).

TMR helps organizations develop and implement well designed solutions to maintain productivity, security, and connectivity throughout the organization. Solutions can include:

• Apps to improve productivity and accessibility to company data and resources.

• Overall network connectivity review and recommendations to ensure 100% uptime

• Remote employee access and compliance review to ensure secure, non-invasive remote access to organizations’ networks.

• Multilocation cohesiveness and multiservice consolidation including WAN/Voice/Mobile/UC

• Network Topology and design capabilities providing a roadmap of services, sites, and connections

Developing solutions that WORK for your organization.


Overall network connectivity

WFH Employees



Network Topology/Design

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