In the healthcare industry, communication is a critical aspect of patient care. Efficient communication between healthcare providers and patients can lead to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. However, communication costs can add up quickly for healthcare organizations, especially when it comes to telecom expenses. In this case study, we will examine how a healthcare organization was able to achieve significant telecom savings through a partnership with TMR.

The Healthcare Organization:

The healthcare organization in question is a national ambulatory care provider in the US. Their network of healthcare facilities and teammates provide a full range of medical services, including emergency care, surgery, obstetrics, and a wide range of other medical services. The hospital also has several outpatient clinics.

The Problem:

While enduring rapid growth within the last 5 years and facing rising telecom expenses due to the increasing use of mobile devices and data usage among its staff, things were getting out of control. The client had multiple carriers and plans, making it difficult to manage expenses and track usage. The IT department was spending a significant amount of time managing telecom expenses, which took significant time and resources away from their core responsibilities of maintaining the technology infrastructure and security of their network and patient records.

The Solution:

They engaged TMR to help manage its telecom expenses. TMR conducted a comprehensive review of the all telecom expenses and identified areas where savings could be realized. TMR recommended several cost-saving measures, including consolidating carriers, optimizing plans, and eliminating unused or unnecessary services.

TMR also implemented telecom expense management software that allowed the client to track telecom expenses in real-time. The software provided detailed reports on usage patterns with the ability to identify areas where usage could be reduced or eliminated.


After partnering with the TMR and implementing the recommended cost-saving measures, they achieved significant savings. TMR helped identify over 25% total savings in the first year of the partnership. The IT department was also able to refocus their efforts where they were most critical to the organization.

The hospital was able to reinvest the savings into other areas of the organization, including an expansion of their services outside the US! They’ve seen a continuous improvement in patient care and have recently started working with TMR to upgrade their technology infrastructure.


In conclusion, the partnership between TMR and this {now} longstanding customer was a success. The hospital was able to achieve significant telecom savings, improve communication efficiency, and reinvest the savings into other areas of the hospital. TMR has since maintained a relationship with this organization and continues to provide a wide range of services & support.