Total Expense Management

Audit Support Service


Did you know much of the wasted spend for companies is IT related? Whether it be circuits (or lines) no longer being used, mismanaged mobile devices, and contracts that have expired and rates that can be renegotiated with vendors, companies bleed unnecessary expenses in this department. Worse yet, it’s rarely something that is easy to regain control of. TMR specializes in auditing and analyzing company IT spend and providing a clear roadmap for savings, ongoing control of those expenses, and preferred vendors that help establish continuity and dependability within your IT department. An important goal of TMR is to identify and implement ways to reduce telecom spend for your organization, but also to show our clients the ways they can maintain that spend, or help them do so. We will conduct a full assessment of your current agreements, invoices, and services to provide a comprehensive analysis for you and your organization. Our team is here to provide the knowledge and confidence that you need to make well-informed, cost-efficient IT decisions now and for years to come.