SmartCIC partners with TMR to deliver fixed wireless access across North America


Telecom Management Resources (TMR) Joins Forces with SmartCIC to Revolutionize Fixed Wireless Access Across North America.

Leading global managed service provider SmartCIC proudly announces a strategic partnership with Telecom Management Resources (TMR), a prominent U.S.-based solutions provider. This collaboration marks a significant expansion of SmartCIC’s footprint in the United States and empowers TMR to deliver cutting-edge fixed wireless access (FWA) solutions for North American enterprises.

SmartCIC’s expertise, combined with the cellular intelligence provided by its CELLSMART division, positions TMR as a key player in the FWA space. The partnership ensures that North American enterprises can rapidly deploy FWA solutions with 5G performance tailored to their local areas, all achieved within a remarkable timeframe of five working days or less.

SmartCIC’s comprehensive end-to-end approach encompasses everything from line provision, cabling, hardware deployment, installation, and migration to ongoing support. The CELLSMART cellular intelligence brings an unparalleled advantage by offering a comparative analysis of local cellular providers, enabling enterprises to access the best-in-class 5G solutions wherever they operate.

This collaboration signifies a monumental stride towards bridging the connectivity gap, reaffirming SmartCIC and TMR’s commitment to delivering innovative and reliable FWA solutions for enterprises across North America. For further information, please download the press coverage PDF.