Telecom Consolidation

Telecom Consolidation

Experience the difference with Granite.

Granite Company Overview

Granite is the largest CLEC in the North America, consolidating and providing voice & data services to multi-location businesses across the United States and Canada. With unparalleled North American coverage, Granite is the leading one-stop shop providing network services to multi-location companies through our scalable solutions, customized to manage all your local, regional and national locations.

Through long-term commercial wholesale contracts, Granite offers voice & data, Multiple SD-WAN solutions, high-speed broadband, wireless, dedicated access, hosted voice, managed services, network and cabling solutions to our multi-location customers at significant savings.

With a Net Promoter Score of 55, Granite has far surpassed all of the other telecommunications carriers. Our customers have voted and the score shows!

Enjoy on-line location pre-qualification, order entry, order tracking and revenue reporting along with premier account support managers dedicated to your customer accounts. Granite is a financially strong company with no debt. We manage more than 17,000 customers in more than 650,000 locations, including services provided to 85 of the Fortune 100. With more than 2,100 employees and a virtual army of sub-contractors Granite is available to help customers 24/7/365 via our US-based call center, answering customer inquiries with a human answering each call in under 8 seconds. As of January 2019, Granite has a telecommunications industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 55.

Granite helps multi-location businesses manage their telecommunications more efficiently, nationwide. Through our online middleware, wholesale contracts with 100’s of carriers and Bell operating companies in the US and Canada, and over 2,100 employees, Granite clients benefit from:

  • One point of contact,
  • Customized consolidated invoicing and reporting for 100’s of carriers,
  • Continued use of the proven commodity Bell networks and broadband providers,
  • Multiple SD-WAN solutions available. This allows us to provide the right solution for your specific clients.
  • Free end-to-end project management (including internal wiring/cabling) and,
  • Meaningful savings on service costs and administrative overhead.

With the size, scale and unparalleled experience of the Granite provisioning, project and support teams, Granite Customers and Sales Partners leverage the benefit of a single point of contact per project and the proven capabilities of an organization handling 85 of the Fortune 100’s multi-location network elements across the US and Canada.

What Granite Sales Partners will experience different than other telecom companies:

  • Dedicated support staff that ensures over 99% retention rate for more than 17,000 corporate clients – Granite handles the support so Sales Partners can focus on growing their revenues
  • The experience required to support over 1.5 million analog lines and over 20,000 data circuits, multiple times more than any competitor in this space.
  • In depth visibility to their clients’ inventory and spend through Granite’s ‘Rock Reports’ database: an all-inclusive customer-facing online reporting portal providing a variety of broad and narrowly focused account data, as well as support for fraud prevention measures.
  • Guaranteed long-term commission from a debt-free, $1.4+ Billion company that has long-term wholesale agreements in place with the national carriers.
  • Commissionable solutions across the US and Canada through multiple underlying network providers highlighted by billing and support for POTS, PRI, Broadband and Advanced Data Solutions along with Structured Cabling and premise security services.
  • No term or volume commitments required for POTS services (fat-rate pricing and contracts are optional), no added fees or costs to utilize the billing and reporting middleware.

•         One-stop shopping for all client network needs through the ability to tailor specific service and pricing solutions on a nationwide basis. Granite Sales Partners can meet client needs/requests through choice of network options, billing and reporting formats, on-site repair and customer premise equipment solutions.