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Our Partner Testimonials

“When we first engaged with Telecom Management Resources (TMR); we were cautious. We quickly came to appreciate the difference in how TMR “works” and their structured approach to varied problem-solving scenarios. We as a business no longer invest resources to determine “who” to work with… instead we now move efficiently through options and impact business operations with the assistance of our partner (TMR). TMR is more and more has become our “internal Telecom Department” and it’s a win-win for both organizations.”

-Doug Tushar, Corporate VP Information Systems and Technology, Kongsberg Automotive

“Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with your TMR team for the past year. I consider TMR to be an avaluable asset to our team, and in the time we have worked with you, we have never been let down. TMR was essential during the Blackberry rollout at SLE, and you have shown yourselves to be customer focused towards not only us on the Helpdesk, but everyone at CAC.”

-Randy Hackney, Credit Acceptance Corporation

“TMR was “spot on” with the remedy for my problem. Many thanks and kudos to the team.”

-Dave Waddell, Kongsberg Automotive

“TMR has always been awesome to assist with my needs and you and your team are greatly appreciated! Thanks again!”

-Sharon Kimbrough, CPCS, CPMSM
Manager of Medical Staff Services-Credentialing and Survey Analyst,
Clinical Services Department, Surgical Care Affiliates

“Thank you all so much for your rapid assistance. In this role I have come to look at my phone as my lifeline. Without it I felt very lost. Again thank you.”

-Elaine Humberd, RN, CNOR
South Placer Surgery Center

“The support I have received from TMR Mobility Management has been exceptional and understood. My compliments to you and your team in maintaining professionalism during these demanding times.”

-Roger Dillon, Kongsberg Automotive

“I just want to say Thank You to TMR for being so professional in handling our account. We throw so much at the team and they never complain.”

-Mohammed Memon, Director Corporate Operations, Domino’s Pizza Salt Lake

Holistic Approach to Wireless Management 

In 2013 TMR began working with a national waste management company. They had three different wireless carriers and over 700 lines of service across them. Their annual spend on wireless at the time was approximately $400,000/year. First, TMR took a holistic approach to this account and looked at their entire environment outside of spend alone. Taking into account future planning, increased efficiency in the field, and the idea to consolidate user devices and enable the Personal Hotspot for users with both a data device and phone, TMR was able to show savings of over $100,000/year after analyzing and optimizing their wireless accounts.

Today, even after adding 125 tablets into their environment, this client is spending less than $250,000 year for all of their wireless services with TMR’s engagement.

Cloud Consulting and Resource Management 

In 2016, TMR had a client with multiple sub-level accounts to manage their internal groups (and accounts) in the company. For several years they were reluctant to consolidate those accounts and save due to company coding restrictions. TMR met with their AP department in an effort to understand what requirements they have for processing invoices and allocating charges internally. After meeting with and discussing their requirements, TMR developed a process to manually allocate those charges for AP and allow TMR to consolidate the accounts for savings. In doing so, the savings for this client was tremendous.

With a reduction in spend of over $8,500/month, TMR was able to consolidate 22 sub accounts down to 1 single shared account. The savings recovered with these changes was enough for this client to seek and gain approval to add an additional 1,000 devices to their environment after reducing the annual budget by more than $90,000.

Cloud/Hybrid Solution 

As a company in the retail space, we have been looking for ways to innovate and grow with retail seeing a steady decline in recent years (thanks Amazon)! We decided the best place to start was to take the “if you can’t beat em, join em” approach to our future. We ventured into app development, but needed a way to keep our corporate data private, while allowing our workforce to thrive.

TMR helped us design and implement the perfect hybrid solution! We were able to partition our corporate data/cloud from the public, all while keeping it secure, easy to access from any network connected device, and the cost was more than palatable. We are EXTREMELY pleased with our company outlook and see great potential ahead with this solution TMR has put in place for us.

Disaster Planning/Recovery 

Last year we were hit hard on the east coast with storms. We have operations up and down the northeast, and (thought) we were prepared for the worst of it. We contacted TMR a few days ahead of the forecasted landfall, and arranged to have MiFi devices sent to all our Centers. While the devices worked GREAT, what we didn’t expect was the amount of data they would all use at once! We are so grateful to have TMR, and the results were tremendous! What could have resulted in a $25,000+ overage

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