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We act as an extension of our customers to deliver world-class telecommunication, data, and support services.

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Welcome to TMR


Telecom Management Resources (TMR) was formed in 2005 by a collection of former telecom industry professionals with one goal in mind, telecom efficiency. With consulting at the core of TMR’s business, the approach to every project is a unique, “white-glove”, and highly personalized one. With dedicated account teams and resources to handle each step of any telecom project with ease and professionalism, TMR can be a staple of any organization’s IT department in a wide array of areas. From front end support, to back office management. Back in the early 2000’s, business telecom consisted of a far more basic gamut than it does today, and as the IT evolution continues, TMR evolves with it.


TMR will conduct a thorough evaluation of your business telecom environment, working with your team to identify the “pain points” for your organization. From there, we can work to build a solution that fits your needs and allows for scalability, efficiency, and effective cost management.


We strive to provide our clients the type of service they NEED from their IT support staff. TMR offers a wide array of support and management services ranging from Tier 1 – 3 Helpdesk services, Dedicated Project / Audit Manager(s), and Account Managers that are with you each step of the way. The proliferation of circuits, devices, and connectivity throughout companies has put tremendous strain on IT departments across the globe. TMR will take that burden away from organization(s) so they can stay focused on the business, not the problems!

Telecom Expense Management

Companies spend over $1M annually to stay, and keep their employees connected in some form. Those dollars go in many different directions. Lines, circuits, devices, licenses, contracts (and contract commitments) are just the tip of the iceberg! Many AP departments are overrun with payment requests, invoice processing and other administrative tasks…who is watching the IT spend? TMR is for our clients, and will do the same for you!