Mobility Management


"I just want to say Thank You to TMR for being so professional in handling our account. We throw so much at the team and they never complain."

-Mohammed Memon, Director Corporate Operations, Domino’s Pizza Salt Lake

"Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with your TMR team for the past year. I consider TMR to be avaluable asset to our team, and in the time we have worked with you, we have never been let down. TMR was essential during the Blackberry rollout at SLE, and you have shown yourselves to be customer focused towards not only us on the Helpdesk, but everyone at CAC."

-Randy Hackney, Credit Acceptance Corporation

"The support I have received from TMR Mobility Management has been exceptional and understood. My compliments to you and your team in maintaining professionalism during these demanding times.""

-Roger Dillon, Kongsberg Automotive

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What is mobility management in a nutshell?

Mobility Management in my opinion is a three-prong function. 1) Break/Fix and service assurance. 2) Service Management/Ongoing Maintenance and 3) Billing Management/Analysis. A huge role that we play for our current clients is being a single point of contact for EVERYTHING wireless for their employees.

We will work with any wireless carrier, anywhere in the world, to ensure employees have the best, most effi­cient means of service for their mobile business applications. The real­ity is that a single carrier cannot provide total coverage everywhere our clients are doing business, so it’s our job to ensure they are able to conduct business all over the world. We then make sure that plans/devices are being properly utilized from both a functionality and cost standpoint.

We’re also able to provide detailed monthly reports and make them available to department leaders, IT departments, and Ex­ecutive teams for further analysis of usage and optimization of cost. Our motivation is to make sure that you are being properly taken care of. Unfortunately that is not always the motivation of the carriers. We provide an all-encompassing wireless department as an extension of our customers. Smaller companies may not have an IT department and the IT departments of large companies don’t have the bandwidth to spend time dealing with cell phones and other wireless devices.

One of our main goals is to provide first call resolution. That means clients (and their employees/end users) don’t have to spend unneces­sary time and effort trying to resolve an issue with their mobile device. Wireless should be about speed and convenience. We strive to keep it that way.

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