Mobile Device Security Management

Q&A by Justin Klein

Why MDM now?

The mobile world is growing, fast! Business is conducted faster than ever, with content delivered to employees, clients, and customers at lightning speed. Users are so quick to click away at their mobile devices, and some of those clicks result in malicious content infecting a company’s network! Another factor to consider is the introduction of Apple Pay & Google Wallet. Mobile devices have become an increasingly attractive target for hackers and thieves.

How does TMR solve this problem?

That’s a tricky question, the problem stretches far beyond simply “Mobile Device Security.” Hackers and viruses will continue to exist and evolve. What TMR does is secure your corporate mobile device environment, and monitor the content that is allowed/granted permission to access the network.

What Type of Business Needs This?

Any type, well, any business with employees “on the go.” If employees are sending corporate data from a mobile device, it needs to be secured. I know most of my friends and colleagues carry a mobile device with company email on it, and when I ask if they have an MDM app of any kind on that device, surprisingly most say they do not… that is a big concern.

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Mobile Device Security Management (MDSM)

Mobility is becoming one of the primary offerings for today's enterprise IT departments. Simply put, untethered access to company resources is now a must have for most enterprises and their users. However, security concerns are rippling through the stacks of management, and have resulted in melding disparate technologies, such as BYOD (bring your own device) and MDM (mobile device management) into a singular concern commonly referred to as MDSM (mobile device security management). This issue is now addressed with an exciting service offering from TMR – MDSM.

MDSM brings with it a commonality of best practices, services and product designs that are used to create a common core of security requirements for the enterprise looking to secure mobile devices and the data entrusted to those devices and the associated users. That proves to be a difficult task at best, and usually requires endpoint client security to be incorporated on those mobile devices along with ongoing management, controls, actions and oversight. This must be incorporated and integrated into the enterprise security and systems management functions.

Vendors are attempting to address those mobility concerns by incorporating advanced security technologies into their devices, operating systems and mobility platforms. This alone is not enough, striving to address the concerns of security focused IT managers, TMR has developed a practice which addresses the broader and growing need. This set of services incorporates a blend of:

  • Device Registration and Management
  • User Support
  • Audit and Access Controls
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Standards
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Protection Tool Implementations
  • Change Management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Incident Management

TMR does this with a full suite of services managed by experienced professionals who specialize in this function with a vendor independent mindset, yet with a knowledge base to ensure the best tools and practices are brought to bear. Our specialized teams help neutralize cyber threats with comprehensive mobile security solutions. We consult with you on your organization’s mobile objectives and help you create a mobile strategy with security at its foundation. We take a holistic approach to mobile and BYOD security, managing and implementing mobility solutions that will secure your devices, your network and your data.

Along with Viopiont, we have made our MDSM product even better! Read the press release here, and check out Active Defense to help formulate a true security solution for your corporate mobile users.

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